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Mineral Resource and Exploration

Our team of corporate lawyers has developed notable expertise in advising mineral resource and exploration businesses. Our firm’s approach and philosophy is ideally suited to working with actors in this industry, providing both securities, general corporate and litigation advice. At Ormston List Frawley LLP, our goal is to act as a key and trusted advisor to those involved in this dynamic sector. We strive to provide advice that takes into account the particular challenges and financial constraints faced by mineral resource and exploration ventures.

Key areas served by our mineral resource and exploration team include:

  • Organizing new corporations and providing strategic advice to aspiring public companies as to how to structure their businesses;
  • Negotiating option agreements, consulting agreements, employment assisting and other general commercial agreements;
  • Assisting with private placements and other fund-raising activities involving equity (share) and debt financings, including flow-through financings;
  • Providing advice as to continuous disclosure obligations under Ontario securities laws and regulations and the rules and policies of the TSX Venture Exchange, the CNQ and the TSX;
  • Advising businesses seeking an initial listing on a securities exchange, or seeking to move from one exchange to another;
  • Assisting with the creation of capital pool companies, as well as with the completion of qualifying transactions;

Providing litigation advice in connection with actual or potential disputes between shareholders or other actors in this industry.

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